Some video primers on Inkscape

A few years ago, I recorded a handful of tutorials for Inkscape. Some of them were nicely worked out – other ones were merely quickies in response to a question in some Facebook group.

Basics: Layers, Objects and paths

To understand Inkscape, the first thing you’ll need is to understand the basic concepts of the program. That’s exactly what the first video tries to convey.

Note: From Inkscape 1.2 onwards, objects and layers will sit in the same view.

Basics: Fill and Stroke

A second principle in Inkscape is how a path can have a fill and a stroke. We’ll walk through the different ways you can give elements a fill and a stroke.

Basics: Inkscape and bitmaps

Quite often, people ask questions about how to edit photos or other bitmap images in Inkscape. While the program isn’t a bitmap editor, you can get some things done. In this video, we walk you through these.

Hands-on: draw a cute kitten

One of the cornerstones of Inkscape, is being able to draw shapes and understand how they interact. In this fun tutorial, that’s exactly what we’ll do.


The playlist also contains some quickies I made to show users how to quickly achieve something. Some of these will be outdated with the release of Inkscape 1.2, but they might just inspire you to try new stuff.

Giving back

Inkscape is a community effort. Everything happens thanks to the effort of us! You could help by creating documentation, sharing your work, helping with translations, reporting bugs or even write some code for the project.






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