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Just a few minutes ago, I tried opening Squeak - had it installed on my computer and didn't remember what it was. So a dialog box popped up asking me what squeak image I wanted to choose - but then I had zero choices... Luckily there was a "cancel" button. So I clicked it... but it didn't respond.

Aaaaah... but that's no problem! I'll just flip out a terminal window, and use top and kill to figure out the process number and kill it. Mmm... didn't really know what I had to kill, that was a long list...

Ah, but I know it! Let's use the killall command! Just a great linux command line tool to kill all instances of a process. So here it goes:

killall squeak

... didn't do a thing :(

That pesky little popup window was still on my display, and I had no idea under what name it was living there.

So finally I bumped into this nifty tool - you launch it from the command line in a terminal window. You do need to make sure the annoying popup window is visible (at least partially) when you launch the command:


Now your cursor changes in a tiny little cross... the next window you click on, will get killed! Now, isn't that handy? I love it!!

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