A great audit has CACHET

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iAuditorLooking to create a great audit? You'll need to keep a few things in mind. In short, you should be using the CACHET method:

  • Concrete
  • Analysis
  • Checks
  • Hierarchy
  • Evaluate
  • Tasks
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Securing your NetAtmo Urban Weather Station

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For a school health project, I woulld like to place my indoor station in a classroom. Since this is very theft-sensitive, I started thinking about a mild way to secure my station. As we have a 3D-printer in our hackerspace (and there are hackerspaces and fablabs all over the world), I considered creating a case for the station in openSCAD (a 3D design language - www.openscad.org) and to share it with the community.

Obviously, the strength of this solution strongly depends on the material used to print. The typical plastics actually allow to break open the system pretty easily. Nevertheless, it's still a visual form of lockdown - often this will be enough to discourage occasional thieves.

The idea is to connect the two sides with 3 times f.e. Alan bolts and a long M3 rod. The design't isn't printed yet - it's in the plans...

 Here are some screenshots:



The most recent versions of the OpenSCAD files, can be downloaded from the NetAtmoBox github page. Don't hesitate to submit patches! Please consider this is my first OpenSCAD experience, when providing feedback.

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Review: HE Grip-type Ergonomic vertical mouse

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he mouse 00

Suffering of tingling wrists or fatigue in your elbows after working at your computer the whole day? Haybe it's time to check out if an ergonomic mouse is an option for you. HEmouse sent me a mouse with the claims that it reduces strain and is also affordabe. Read more for the full review of the HE Grip-type Ergonomic vertical mouse...

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