Reading configuration file from an SD-card

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Often, having several options to be configurable without having to program the Arduino over again, can be handy. For my "Snuffel" project, I'm thinking of these options:

  • interval between reading sessions
  • what sensors to enable
  • start and end time (isn't worked out yet in this example, but I'm sure you'll get the gist of it)
  • a line with some comment or the location of measurement (same here... but you'll get it)

I'm using a simple text file (SETTINGS.TXT) in the root of the card to store these values. It's not made to be robust - I'm pretty sure it can easily be hacked... feel free to suggest improvement.

Enjoy the code...

Update: fixed a few bugs on Dec. 5, 2012 (code replaced)

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Quickly adapting an Arduino shield to your custom needs

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datalogshield MEDI've been playing with an SD-shield from Adafruit lately, but there are loads of great shields out there developed with the sole purpose of developing your own application with it (I'm thinking of Sparkfun and Adafruit for starters, who have these great motorshields, display shields, GPS-shields, etc...). The great part is: all these designs are out there under Creative Commons licence. The source files (both schematics and PCB board design) are out there to download. All you need is load  them into EAGLE CAD, to play with them...

And now, that's exactly what we're going to do...

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Using the MH-Z14 CO2-sensor with an Arduino

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When trying to measure CO2-level in the air, the MH-Z14 sensor from Winsensor offers a set of modules that give output in digital and calibrated form...

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