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  • Ironclad passwords in 5 steps

    Ironclad passwords in 5 steps

    Step 1: cater to the brain Let’s quickly skip through the basics: the biggest challenge for a password is not for you as a user to make it impossible to remember a password. The challenge is to make it impossible for a (bunch of) computer(s) to guess the password. The famous XKCD cartoon explains this […]

  • Giving back to Inkscape

    Giving back to Inkscape

    I’ve been using Inkscape for about fifteen years now. With every new release, I’m happy and grateful for all the efforts done by multitude of volunteers. The last five years, I tried contributing by helping out people in the Inkscape Facebook channel and on my youtube channel. With the implementation of multipage support in the […]

  • Creating a multipage poster in Inkscape 1.2

    Inkscape 1.2 is equipped with some great improvements. Not only is there the unified object-layer view and the new icon set, the dark theme and the advanced export to different file formats… there finally is multipage support in Inkscape. The feature is currently still in its infancy and will probably go through many improvements in […]