Arduino ESP32 Hardware IoT

Lighting example


Kids and sleeping… It’s never easy. And often a tiny bit of light can go a long way. Here are the issues that I am tackling in this project:

  • I’m afraid in the dark. Can you leave on a light?
  • I want to read a little more… can I?
  • Can I wake up already? (younger kids can’t read a clock yet)
  • Light alarm clock
  • Clock display
  • Night light (bad dream, toilet run, …)


Hardware used:

  • Wemos Lolin 32
    • NTP for clock sync
    • WiFi for config panel
    • Capacative touch for button
  • RGB LED-strip
  • 7 segment clock display
  • Some custom laser cutting for the case

Additionally, this is a coding challenge for myself, trying to tackle this small IoT project respecting secure coding standards.

Images and details will follow…